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You are never too young to make a difference in this world. Today’s youth is the next generation of animal and planetary activists. There are many ways for you to help wild and captive cetaceans and their natural home in the ocean.

Start today by creating an Empty the Tanks Club in your neighborhood or school.

Here are some project and event ideas to help get your Empty the Tanks Club started –


Share your passion for ending dolphin and whale captivity and protecting the oceans by hosting a screening of one of these great documentaries.

Afterwards, your club and those invited to the screening can discuss the film and what everyone thought of it. If you are hosting a screening and would like to set up a Skype call with Empty the Tanks afterwards please send us an email at [email protected].

You can also talk to your teacher or advisor about scheduling a classroom visit from Empty the Tanks by having an adult fill out this form.


You don’t need to live next to an ocean to have a beach cleanup. Trash and pollution is everywhere and any small piece can find its way into our oceans. Dolphins, whales and all marine creatures need a clean habitat to survive and you can help ensure that by organizing a cleanup in your neighborhood.


This is a great way to get even more people involved in the issue of saving our oceans and ending dolphin and whale captivity. You can create a short presentation about why you care about these animals and how you are helping them. Be creative! You can include posters and movie clips — then tell others to join your Empty the Tanks club. If you would like some brochures to help with your presentation please send an email to [email protected]


Go to your local market or grocery store and ask them if you can pass out brochures to the customers that are there shopping. You can help create new conversations with people who might not know anything about dolphin and whale captivity. You can download and print the Empty the Tanks brochure under our LEARN MORE section.


Your Empty the Tanks Club can write letters to places that keep cetaceans in captivity and ask them to retire their animals to sea side sanctuaries. You can ask your family and friends to also write a letter and either mail them in or deliver them in person.


Be sure to share your Empty the Tanks Club activities with us because we love seeing how people of all ages are helping dolphins, whales, and our oceans!