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Dolphinaris Continues to Hide the Truth About Missing Baby Dolphin


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Breaking News Update:


Empty the Tanks has received a message from another one of our anonymous sources from within the dolphin captivity industry in Mexico. We have learned from this source that the young dolphin we have drone video of (shown in blog post below) did die only a few days after birth. This dolphin was born from two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and the mother’s name was Maty. Our source tells us several other dolphins have died in the Dolphinaris facilities in Mexico in recent years. One death was a young dolphin that died a few weeks after birth after he or she ingested a palm tree leaf. The source tells Empty the Tanks that the necropsy report showed the cause of death to be from a blockage of the intestines. Empty the Tanks has requested a copies of these records.

Other dolphins in the Dolphinaris facilities have died from lung infection due to the chemicals used in the tanks. The source tells us these chemicals include the chlorine that keeps the water clean and free of algae.

The other concerning situation that was included in this message to Empty the Tanks was the issue of no shade for the dolphins in the Dolphinaris tanks. The lack of shade has resulted in both skin and eye issues. All of the Dolphinaris facilities consist of simple pools. The lack of shade and poor water quality is part of what is causing health issues for the dolphins.

At this time we do not have access to the necropsy paperwork due the secretive operations that take place in this industry. Employees cannot ask for copies but we are trying to obtain them through other sources.

Empty the Tanks will continue requesting information from Dolphinaris explaining the allegations towards their care of the dolphins in their facilities. Empty the Tanks has also contacted and requested reports from the PROFEPA. This is the agency in Mexico that is entrusted with regulating and overseeing the dolphinariums in the country. We will keep everyone updated as these reports from our sources continue to come in. Please share this information and this blog post. Please also join us February 24th at 3pm at Dolpharius Riviera Maya for a demonstration demanding answers about these dolphin deaths.

Dolphinaris Continues to Hide the Truth About Missing Baby Dolphin

On February 19, 2019, Empty the Tanks volunteers entered Dolphinaris Riviera Maya with video evidence that had been anonymously sent to our organization showing that a baby had existed at the facility and then disappeared. The activists spoke to the Arturo Dominguez, the General Manager of the facility, showing him the video evidence and asking what happened to the baby dolphin. He refused to answer questions and he said he would only discuss the matter through email. Empty the Tanks has emailed Dolphinaris asking for information about the baby and we have received no response.

Empty the Tanks does believe this baby dolphin has died. Another organization, Dolphin Freedom UK, have said they too believe this baby dolphin to be dead.

This dolphin’s birth and death were not publicly announced by Dolphinaris, the notorious company with 6 locations throughout Mexico. This pattern of non-transparency is something our team of volunteers knows all too well. For years the volunteers who now run the Empty the Tanks Mexico Chapter have been trying to gain access to captive dolphin data at facilities such as Dolphinaris. Due to a lack of reporting standards in the country, these companies do not have to be transparent with their captive dolphin births, deaths, illnesses and injuries.

Empty the Tanks has filed a report with the government agencies in Mexico, such as PROFEPA, that are responsible for monitoring the activities at facilities such as Dolphinaris.


Empty the Tanks is working to create more accountability within the horrible captivity industry in Mexico. Our end goal is of course to bring an end to this industry overall, but until that day comes, these companies must be accountable for the animals in their tanks.

Empty the Tanks is requesting that Dolphinaris publicly announces the details of what happened to the baby dolphin that appears on video in their tanks on January 27, 2019.

The video evidence (shown below) that was submitted to Empty the Tanks through an anonymous source that shows a baby dolphin swimming with his or her presumed mother on January 27, 2019. Another video taken on February 2, 2019 shows the baby dolphin to be missing and the back tank where the baby was originally seen in is now empty. In the video Empty the Tanks also observed abnormal behavior of a dolphin floating motionless in one pool on the date after the baby is missing.



The question remains, what happened to this baby dolphin? Why is Dolphinaris being secretive of this and not announcing to the public that a calf had in fact been born in one of their tanks? Empty the Tanks will continue pressuring Dolphinaris to give an explanation to the video evidence that Empty the Tanks has. How many other baby dolphins have been born in the back tanks of Mexico’s captive dolphin facilities with nobody knowing of their existence? More importantly, how many have died in those tanks without anyone knowing?

Dolphinaris Arizona has closed and the dolphins that once suffered in the desert have been shipped off like lifeless commodities to a new dolphin prison in the Caribbean. They will continue being exploited in the name of profits and Dolphinaris is not blameless in that fate.

Please continue contacting Dolphinaris and request that they publicly announce what happened to the baby dolphin at their Riviera Maya location in Mexico.

Arturo Dominguez

General Manager, Dolphinarius Riviera Maya

Call: +52 984 875 31 00

Email: [email protected]


Empty the Tanks also has an upcoming demo at Dolphinaris Rivera Maya on Sunday, February 24th. We encourage everyone that is able to please show up and demand to know what happened to the baby dolphin.

Please never buy a ticket to a dolphin show or swim with dolphin program.
Please consider making a donation today. Your gift will help us expose the cruelty of dolphin captivity in Mexico.


Dolphinaris continúa ocultando la verdad sobre el bebé desaparecido.


El 19 de febrero de 2019, los voluntarios de Empty the Tanks ingresaron a Dolphinaris Riviera Maya con un video que se envió anónimamente a nuestra organización, el videodemuestra que había un bebé en la instalación y luego desapareció. Los activistas hablaron con Arturo Domínguez, el Gerente General de la instalación, mostrándole las pruebas del video y preguntándole ¿qué pasó con el delfín bebé?. Se negó a responder preguntas y dijo que solo hablaría del asunto por correo electrónico. Empty the Tanks ha enviado un correo electrónico a Dolphinaris solicitando información sobre el bebé y no hemos recibido respuesta hasta el momento.

Empty The Tanks cree que este bebé delfín ha muerto. Otra organización, Dolphin Freedom UK, ha dicho que ellos también creen que este bebé delfín está muerto.

Dolphinaris, la compañía con 6 ubicaciones en todo México, no anunció públicamente el nacimiento y la muerte de este delfín. Este patrón de no transparencia es algo que nuestro equipo de voluntarios conoce muy bien. Durante años, los voluntarios que ahora dirigen el capítulo de Empty The Tanks México han estado tratando de obtener acceso a los datos de delfines en cautiverio en instalaciones como Dolphinaris. Debido a la falta de estándares de información en el país, estas compañías no son transparentes con respecto a los nacimientos, muertes, enfermedades y lesiones de los delfines bajo su cuidado.

Empty the Tanks solicitó un informe a las agencias gubernamentales en México que son responsables de supervisar las actividades en instalaciones como Dolphinaris.

Empty the Tanks está trabajando para crear más responsabilidad dentro de la horrible industria de cautiverio en México. Nuestro objetivo final es, por supuesto, poner fin a esta industria en general, pero hasta que llegue ese día, estas compañías deben ser responsables de los animales en sus tanques.

Empty The Tanks solicita que Dolphinaris anuncie públicamente los detalles de lo que le sucedió al delfín bebé que aparece en video en sus tanques el 27 de enero de 2019.

La evidencia del video (que se muestra a continuación) que se envió a Empty the Tanks a través de una fuente anónima que muestra a un delfín bebé nadando con su presunta madre el 27 de enero de 2019. Otro video tomado el 2 de febrero de 2019 muestra que el delfín bebé ya no está y el tanque trasero donde se vio originalmente al bebé ahora está vacío. En el video, también observaron el comportamiento anormal de un delfín flotando inmóvil en una piscina en la fecha posterior a la desaparición del bebé.

La pregunta sigue siendo, ¿qué pasó con este bebé delfín? ¿Por qué Dolphinaris guarda en secreto esto y no está anunciando al público que una cría nacio y murio en sus tanques? Empty the Tanks continuará presionando a Dolphinaris para dar una explicación a la evidencia de video. ¿Cuántos otros delfines bebés han nacido en los tanques de las instalaciones de esta industria en México sin que nadie sepa de su existencia? Más importante aún, ¿cuántos han muerto en esos tanques sin que nadie lo sepa?

Dolphinaris Arizona ha cerrado y los delfines que una vez sufrieron en el desierto fueron enviados como productos sin vida a una nueva prisión de delfines en el Caribe. Continuarán siendo explotados en nombre de las ganancias y Dolphinaris no está libre de culpa.

Continúa comunicándote con Dolphinaris y solicita que anuncien públicamente lo que le sucedió al delfín bebé en su ubicación de Riviera Maya en México.

Arturo Domínguez

Gerente General, Dolphinarius Riviera Maya

Llamada: +52 984 875 31 00

Correo electrónico: [email protected]


Empty the Tanks también tiene una próxima demostración en Dolphinaris Riviera Maya el domingo 24 de febrero. Alentamos a todos los que puedan presentarse y demandar, por favor, saber qué pasó con el delfín bebé.

Por favor, nunca compre un boleto para un espectáculo de delfines o nade en un programa de delfines en cautiverio.
Por favor, considera hacer una donación hoy. Tu donación nos ayudará a exponer la crueldad del cautiverio de delfines en México.