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Divers For Dolphins

Empty The Tanks / Divers For Dolphins

Education is one of the most important ways to help guarantee the humane treatment and conservation of the numerous species with which we share the planet.

Very few zoos and aquariums conduct true education and conservation research. The main objective of most marine parks, zoos and dolphinariums is to exhibit animals for entertainment, and not education. With their rehearsed choreography and loud music, it’s more like an amusement park or a circus.

More and more dolphinariums are opening in China, which is now the largest market for wild-caught marine mammals. In Mexico, there are 41 establishments with marine mammals in captivity with more than 450 individuals overall. Some of them are forced to live in shallow pools and terrible conditions at hotels and resorts. The captivity industry breeds dolphins for profit, not for conservation.

No facility can simulate the ocean or the vast distances these animals travel when migrating. The captive dolphin tanks also do not include ocean flora and fauna. The captive environment of these animals is extremely limited and poor.

Let’s give a voice to captive marine mammals!

For all of us who love and respect animal species on our planet, we recognize that we have contributed to the irreparable harm. However, we can make changes and help. One way is to give marine mammals a voice and help bring an end to captivity.

As divers, photographers, biologists, researchers, and lovers of the sea, who know these species belong in their natural habitat and want to see them free in the ocean, we have a moral obligation to fight for them. We must work to end the exploitation of marine mammals for entertainment and bring an end to these captive shows that contribute to the disrespect of marine species.

There is no beauty in stolen freedom.

Through art, such as photography and other visual arts, we can share our vision of the oceans and its inhabitants as they are, and as they must remain: FREE.

For a planet without captivity.

Help us inspire and be part of the solution. The goal of creating seaside sanctuaries is to give cetacean residents a more natural environment, more space, and more options in their daily lives.


• Send 3 or more photographs of encounters with marine mammals in jpg format [email protected] or [email protected]
• Write a brief review of the photos or a simple message that reflects on your feeling about these animals and the photo you took.
• Mention your social media handle and full name so that we can credit you for your work
• Date of receipt September 30, 2021

The photos submitted to this campaign will be used for educational and conservation purposes as part of the Empty the Tanks campaign. Your photos may be selected to print postcards or calendars and to raise funds for our work.

Thank you for being part of the mission!