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From Our Founder

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In January of 2013 I was in Taiji, Japan witnessing the brutal dolphin captures and slaughters that take place there. I remember sitting in the hotel room after a pod had been killed and thinking that I had to find a way to do more to help these dolphins. I had stood on the shores of the infamous cove and done my part to give a voice to the dolphins who lost their lives and freedom there. Now I was going home and I wanted to find a way to speak out for the captive dolphins and whales languishing in tanks all around the world. This is the moment when Empty the Tanks truly began.
Marine entertainment parks have no place in our world anymore. Dolphins and whales are incredibly social, and highly intelligent, emotional beings. They are being exploited all over world in entertainment parks and dolphin swim with attractions. It is unethical and time to bring an end to the captivity industry.
Empty the Tanks is not a radical movement demanding the release of all captive marine mammals into the wild. Some of these animals might be great candidates for release, but those that are not should be retired into sea sanctuaries, where they can enjoy the rest of their days in natural seawater, feeling the waves of the ocean around them. They should not be worked until their last breath is taken and then thrown out and replaced.
My goal was to create a campaign that could educate the general public about what captivity means for cetaceans. The Annual Empty the Tanks Worldwide event allows activists to reach people all over the world in a positive and productive way. With these events we are creating waves of change.
I also believe strongly in the need to do more for our oceans. We must bring the conversation of ocean health and ending cetacean captivity together. Combating plastic pollution, as well as education about over-fishing, reef safe sunscreen, and marine debris is absolutely crucial to ensuring wild dolphins, whales and all ocean creatures have a safe place to live. Our oceans are dying and it is part of the Empty the Tanks message to bring awareness to those issues as well.
We can all make this world kinder, brighter, and a better place for all beings to live.
You can make a difference if you try, so what are you waiting for?
Please join us and help get the message out. Together we can make a stand, save our oceans, and empty the tanks worldwide.


May all beings be wild and free.
Thank you for your support,