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Who We Are

Empty the Tanks is a campaign focused on ending dolphin & whale captivity, while also promoting the health of our oceans.


There is No Beauty in Stolen Freedom

There is no need to imprison these sentient animals for entertainment and monetary reasons. The future for our world should be in eco-tourism. We should be teaching people of all ages to respect wildlife and the wild spaces they come from. Interacting with a captive dolphin that is performing a forced behavior due to food deprivation is not teaching respect – it is teaching dominance and disrespect.


Our Work in Mexico

Empty the Tanks is committed to ending dolphin & whale captivity around the world. One of your work areas is in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. There are 19 captive dolphin facilities in the state and each one is exploiting dolphins every single day in the name of profits. We have a team of volunteers helping to expose this industry while also working to create an Ally for Dolphins community amongst other business owners.


Ocean Health

For too long there has been a disconnect between the issues of captivity and ocean health. We must protect our oceans and give wild dolphins, whales and all marine life a safe and healthy place to live. That will ensure a future without keeping these magnificent animals in tanks. Empty the Tanks works to educate people of all ages about the health of our oceans and how they can help save them. Healthy oceans = wild and free cetaceans.

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