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Dolphin Tourism in Mexico

Empty The Tanks / Dolphin Tourism in Mexico

There is no beauty in stolen freedom / No hay belleza en la libertad robada

Empty the Tanks is committed to exposing the cruelty of dolphin captivity in Mexico.
For more than 30 years the captivity industry in Mexico has deceived us with their false claims and marketing. During these years they have ignored the scientific facts about the animals they are exploiting. It is time they acknowledge the complexities, emotions and intelligence of all cetaceans.


Nearly 40 million people visited Mexico in 2017. It is the 8th most visited country in the world. With tourism numbers continuing to grow each year, it is also important to increase efforts to educate tourists about dolphin captivity in the country.
Empty the Tanks has a team of volunteers in place in Mexico to help us strengthen these efforts. These volunteers are working to educate tourists and locals about the truth behind these swim with dolphin businesses. They are also working with local hotels, dive shops, and other ecotourism businesses to help create a dolphin free community. We will have volunteers going into the swim with dolphin facilities to obtain more information about the health of the dolphins there as well as document the activities taking place. Empty the Tanks will also be erecting a billboard to put the truth about dolphin captivity in big, bold letters that cannot be missed. The dolphins in Mexico have gone without a voice for too long. 

Quintana Roo Dolphin Exploitation

The state of Quintana Roo is a little over 34,000 square kilometers and they have packed in 18 facilities that spend each day profiting off of the exploitation of dolphins. One of those facilities has already spread its exploitation into the US with the opening Dolphinaris Arizona. Dolphin Discovery has also purchased a dolphinarium in the Florida Keys and has plans to open yet another dolphin facility in Cancun. Empty the Tanks is continuing to monitor these facilities and our team of volunteers is working to educate tourists and residents.
Your gift will help us expose the cruelty of dolphin captivity in Mexico. This will be an ongoing campaign that will spread throughout Mexico in the future. Please consider making a donation today.