I want to Empty the Tanks

Do not visit any marine park or aquarium that houses captive cetaceans.

By visiting these places you are encouraging the continued slavery of these animals. The captivity industry is also the driving factor behind the dolphin slaughter that occurs annually in Taiji, Japan.

Do not patronize any swim with dolphin facilities while on vacation or holiday.

Some hotels will offer you an opportunity to swim with their dolphins while on vacation. It is important to tell them no and that you do not support the captivity of cetaceans for entertainment.

Encourage friends and family to watch films like Blackfish and A Fall From Freedom and Born to be Free.

By sharing these films with the people in your life, you are helping to spread awareness about captivity and why it needs to end. You can find a list of films and books here.

Attend or plan protests outside of marine parks like SeaWorld.

Your presence at these events will help educate the public about captivity and inspire others to get more involved in ending this outdated industry. Be ready for your event and get your Empty the Tanks posters and literature here.

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