Global Beach Cleanup

Ocean debris kills nearly one million sea creatures every single year.


Saving dolphins and whales is about more than just ending the captivity trade. Empty the Tanks believes that ocean conservation is just as vital to the survival of all cetaceans. We must provide a clean habitat for dolphins, whales, and all ocean creatures to thrive in. We have polluted our oceans and now it is time for us to take global responsibility to help restore them.

Please join Empty the Tanks as we clean up our oceans and shores.

The Empty the Tanks Annual Beach Cleanup will take place on the second Saturday in June every year.

You can join from anywhere in the world, even if you don’t have an ocean near you. Every piece of plastic and debris that you clean up is one less that will find its way into the ocean and potentially entangle and kill marine life.

Get your friends and family together and make it an afternoon dedicated to cleaning up our world. Be sure and post your photos so we can feature them as well. If you decide to organize a beach clean up in your area and you would like us to share your event page with others, please send us the link.

Thank you for your support of Empty the Tanks! Let’s clean up the ocean together!