Dublin, Ireland


May 12, 2018

Hosted by Freedom for Dolphins - Ireland

This year on the 12th of May, Freedom for Dolphins – Ireland will be hosting the worldwide Empty the Tanks demonstration in Dublin. This event is aimed at raising awareness about the captive marine mammal industry. With a large number of Irish tourists visiting Dolphinaria worldwide, it is important to get the message out about how cruel this industry is and how wrong it is to keep such highly intelligent and social animals in small tanks!


– Captivity seriously compromises a dolphins way of life.
– Dolphins are highly intelligent animals who in the wild live in complex social groups.
– Wild dolphins are far ranging, fast moving, deep diving predators that can swim up to 100 miles a day.
– They spend their days mating, foraging for food and playing with other pod members and they use their echolocation to explore their diverse ocean environment.
– Placing dolphins in small concrete tanks takes away the dolphins ability to perform any of these natural behaviours leading to the dolphin becoming extremely stressed, depressed and sick often leading to death.
– Captive dolphins are forced to swim in endless circles in artificial habitats, interacting with unfamiliar dolphins and other species, eat dead fish often full of medication. They are forced to perform tricks that are unnatural and often painful and are trained through food deprivation.

Where do they come from?
Captive dolphins are often captured in barbaric drive hunts where a pod of dolphins will be herded into a bay or cove and a number of young dolphins will be selected for a life in captivity while the remaining pod members are stabbed, slowly bleeding to death over a period of time as seen in the documentary The Cove.
Captive breeding programs are also common to help replenish the supply of dolphins. The mortality rate is significantly higher in captivity than in the wild. This is due to many reasons including the stressful environment and inbreeding.

The dolphin captivity industry likes to use the words Conservation and education to defend itself. Besides scientists proving that it is ethically wrong to keep dolphins in captivity there is no conservation benefits to supporting drive hunts that kill large number of dolphins or to breed bottlenose dolphins that are not endangered and that are found all around the world!

As for education – ” There is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary confinement” – Jacques Cousteau.

There are no conservation or educational benefits what so ever in keeping highly intelligent, self aware and social animals in small tanks.

The one and only reason dolphins are on public display and made to perform in shows all day every day until they die is for PROFIT.

The captive dolphin industry is ethically and morally wrong and this cruel practice needs to stop now. The abuse and exploitation of these sentient beings has no place in the 21st century.

This event will coincide with a large number of other EMPTY THE TANKS demonstrations worldwide.

Please join us for two hours to help highlight this very important issue. If you cant make it on the day show you support by raising some awareness about the cruel captive dolphin industry.