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Board of Directors

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Rachel Carbary

Rachel founded Empty the Tanks in 2013 after she returned from her first trip to Taiji, Japan. Since then Rachel has returned to Taiji two more times and created the largest worldwide event in history for cetaceans. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Washington where she majored in Environmental Science with an emphasis on wildlife studies. She has wanted to help create positive change for our planet and animals since she was a child and her letter writing campaigns began at the age of 7. Rachel has worked for both wildlife and domestic animal non profits over the years. She currently travels the country in a converted school bus with her husband and 4 furkids. The traveling allows her to take the Students of the Sea education program into schools all over the US.


Ashley Lenton

Ashley Lenton is a full-time animal activist, a vegan, and a graduate of the International Center of Photography in New York City. Always a lover of and advocate for animals, her activism rose to new levels in 2013, when she served as Sea Shepherd’s ‘On-the-Ground Leader’ for their Dam Guardian campaign, which sought to end the killing of protected sea lions for the supposed “crime” of eating salmon. Since then, she also served as a ‘Cove Guardian’ twice in Taiji, Japan, in order to document and expose the annual dolphin hunts, captures, and, slaughters that take place there.
Prior to her activism, Ashley provided hands-on care for many domesticated animals, both as a veterinary assistant and at the Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California shelter. She also has over six years of experience as a volunteer at two of California’s premier marine mammal rehabilitation facilities and two years of experience rehabilitating several species of aquatic birds.
Although most at home when scuba diving, she currently lives, loves, and calls Seattle her on-land home, where she is also the local host of Empty the Tanks Worldwide.

Sandy Wright