About Us

My name is Rachel and I started Empty the Tanks in 2013 after I visited Taiji, Japan as a volunteer to help document the annual dolphin slaughters that take place there. After witnessing the horrific acts happening in the infamous Cove, I decided I wanted to take this fight to the captivity industry. I had stood in Taiji and given a voice to the dolphins who lost their lives in those waters, now I was going to give a voice to the dolphins and whales suffering in captivity all of the world.

Marine entertainment parks have no place in our world anymore. These are incredibly social, intelligent beings that are being exploited to make money. It is animal slavery, and it needs to be brought to the general public’s attention.

Empty the Tanks is not a radical movement demanding the release of all captive marine mammals into the wild. Some of these animals might be great candidates for release, but those that are not should be retired into sea pens, where they can enjoy the rest of their days in natural seawater, feeling the waves of the ocean around them. They should not be worked until their last breath is taken and then thrown out like trash and replaced.

My goal was to create a campaign that could educate the general public about what captivity means to cetaceans. These annual events will allow activists to reach the public all over the world in a positive and productive way.

We can all make this world kinder, brighter, and a better place for all beings to live. You can make a difference if you try, so what are you waiting for?

Please join us and help get the message out. Together we can make a stand and empty the tanks worldwide.

May all beings be wild and free

Thank you for your support,